For over 18 years, I have considered Carol to be the sharpest tool in my toolbox!
Michael Kallis, Michael Kallis Construction Co. and Undercover Self-Storage, LLC, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Having started as a small business with little or no financial planning, it was refreshing to have Carol take over our account and take over! She is not only on top of every tax law change but she takes the initiative to integrate those changes into your business so that you can worry about growing your business while she worries about you taking advantage of the tax laws available. Her expertise is not only in taxation but in business planning and a year does not go by without her recommendations that have proven themselves, especially in our Tier 2 Supplier business, that has grown 5 fold. When small-medium size businesses grow they simply don’t have the clear thinking time to consider all the variables- Carol does that for you. She looks at your business as a whole and fine tunes what needs to be done and what should be deferred to next year and why. The mystery has been taken out of accounting and business planning due to her expertise and there is one less issue allowing us to grow unfettered !!
Karen Mackowsky V.P. & CFO

Carol has been our corporate CPA for five years. We found her better able to answer our concerns about our 34 year old corporation than the CPA we’d been paying for 10 years prior to Carol. We also found her costs reasonable. We appreciate her consistently quick turn around time to answer questions and to prepare our tax returns. Her knowledge and availability continue to downsize our stress and our tax payments. One of her clients named her “the tax goddess”, and we confirm her well earned title.
Lorna McWatt, Corporate Controller, Dolphin Aviation Inc., Sarasota, Florida